How People Play Scrabble in Different Parts of the World

Playing scrabble is one of the exiting games that give a good exercise to the brain, and even a child can join this kind of game. The list below shows how to play scrabble.

1.) The first to play will need to bring together the tiles to obtain a valid word. You need to make a minimum of two letters to make a first strike. Single letter is not allowed in the first step. The first word should place the one tile in the middle of the board and you can align it either horizontal or vertical. The first word will be count as double word score, but can only be allowed once. Then you need to replace the consumed tiles (all tiles totals only 7) from the pouch so you can make another word in your next turn.  And you must maintain that 7 tiles as long as there are still remaining tiles during the game.

2.) After the first player, the next player turns. The role here is that the next player must give a word using his tiles that has a connection to the first word. He can use one of the tiles of the first word as a beginning of his word or last part of his word or add the first word. Now, the game must progress so its time to the third and fourth player thereafter

3.) All players now should form a word that connects to the other words in the board. You can do it by horizontal or vertical.

4.) There are two blank tiles in a common scrabble. If you got it, you will be the one to decide if what letter it should represent. You must inform the other player if what letter it represents.

5.) When you used the seven tiles to make a word in a single strike, count your score and add it to 50. It is applicable every time you used the 7 tiles in your rack to make a single word.

6.) Now if your tiles in your rack can’t make a word, you can exchange some of your tile from your rack to the tiles in the pouch, but your tiles should not exceed to 7 tiles. But you cannot make a word for that round. You can only use the exchanged tiles for your next round.

7.) When you placed a word that the other players doubt it that it is valid word, they can challenge you. You and the challenger will look into the dictionary and if the word is found there, the challenger will lose his turn. It means that in that turn, he cannot drop a work in the board, he will be passed. But if the word does not exist, then you must remove your tiles that form an invalid word and you lose your turn.

8.) If tiles in the pouch have no left over, all players now must empty the tiles in their rack. If one player first empties his rack, the game is over. If it is not possible to empty even one player the tiles in his rack, but no tiles left in the pouch, the must end. The player got the highest score will be the winner.

now you kwo how to play scrabble, goodluck!!!

Scrabble is a beautiful and enriching game that can be played by the whole family on relaxed evenings; or with friends to add a bit of spice to a lazy afternoon. There are very simple tips to teach a person about how to play scrabble. Initially a person needs to have some elementary knowledge about the game. Scrabble is played on a board whose dimensions are 15 by 15 inches with thirteen divisions longitudinally and laterally; such that every alphabetical tile must be mounted on a tile. There are around one hundred alphabet tiles available in scrabble where 98 tiles contain alphabets and two tiles are blank. The blank tiles add a surprise element of wildcards to the game where these tiles can substitute any letter which is to be added to the floor.

Words need to be formed using the sets of tiles allotted to you and then placed along the board. The scrabble rules insist that only those words be formed which are legally entered into the dictionary and mostly, scrabble game kits contain dictionaries with allowable words. Points are allotted to every tile and every place in the board along which the tile is to be placed. It is very easy to know how to play scrabble. Initially, players remove tiles at random from the bag, arrange them on the racks which are allotted and proceed about making words. Usually, the one closest to the beginning alphabet gets the first chance. Thereafter, every person has to fill in one word after another, which is also possible using the alphabets already placed in the board.

Upon not being able to chalk out even a single word, the players have the options of replacing and choosing their tiles from the bag at random. The player who is left with no tile of his own towards the end is the winner of the game. If, on the other hand, on two times in a row, no player is able to form any words with their tiles even after undergoing replacements, then it is said to end in a draw.

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